Final Fantasy XIV to Launch on Xbox Series X|S on March 21 1

Final Fantasy XIV to Launch on Xbox Series X|S on March 21

Final Fantasy XIV, the popular MMORPG, is scheduled to launch on the Xbox Series X|S on March 21, as announced during the recent Xbox Partner Showcase. The announcement was accompanied by a new trailer that concluded with the reveal of the official launch date.

Prior to this announcement, an open beta phase for Final Fantasy XIV on the Xbox Series X|S began on February 21. This phase was aimed at players who did not have an existing account on other platforms, allowing them to experience the game ahead of its full release. Square Enix, the developer of Final Fantasy XIV, had advised existing players to wait until the launch to link their accounts and start playing on the Xbox to ensure a smooth transition.

The decision to bring Final Fantasy XIV to the Xbox Series X|S expands the game’s availability to a wider audience, providing Xbox users the opportunity to explore its expansive world. This move is anticipated to introduce the game to new players while offering existing fans another platform to enjoy their adventures.

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