Gold Farming January 2021

5 Solo Gold Farming Methods In January 2021

Below you will find my favorite gold making farms at the moment in January. Not all the spots are the most efficient but these are the methods and spots that I like to use to make gold.

Leave any questions or suggestions for gold farming spots in the comments, and I will get back to you. Happy farming!

All our WoW gold farms can be found here.

Herbalism & Mining

Herbalism and Mining have always been amongst the mainstays of gold making. So far in Shadowlands both ways are viable, having both on one farming toon (preferably a Druid) is a really good way of farming gold.

Before you start, head over to the Auction House and see what herbs and ores are most valuable. Getting Gathermate 2 and Gathermate2 Data is better than trying to figure out a set route.

As an added bonus you can make a decent amount of XP while farming herbs and ore. I leveled two toons for 50-60 just by doing this. Pick Thread of Fate when you finish the Maw, then just go pick those herbs and ore and you’ll make a killing while leveling to 60.

Meat & Leather

Meat and leather skinning farms have been really popular so far in Shadowlands, but with nerfs and prices dropping, the amount you can make per hour has lowered quite a bit.

A lot of the popular farming spots have been nerfed and spawn timers have increased overall. To me it seems like the drop rates for Callous Hides and Heavy Callous hides have been nerfed as well.

Despite this, skinning for gold is still really good and you can make 30-40k+ gold an hour still. Leather and meats both sell really fast as well so you don’t have to worry about reposting much on the AH.

Callings, World Quests & Command Table

This isn’t a huge goldmaker but it’s stuff that you are likely doing anyway and some of it is pretty passive gold making.

The daily Callings in your Covenant will award you with a bunch of trash items that will vendor for upwards of 2000 gold, while you are doing the Callings, hit up World Quests that award gold for an extra chunk.

Also be sure to level your companions at the command table and send them out on Adventures as often as you can. Not only do these reward you with raw gold but with Caches containing meat, herbs, ore and leather, along with gear that can be vendored.

Park alts at the command tables for a nice passive stream of gold.


Transmog farming isn’t for everyone. Either you love it or you hate it. It certainly takes some time getting into.

At the moment, most players are focusing on current content to there’s a bit less competition on the transmog market than it will be later in the expansion.

My favorite spot at the moment is the Saltstone Cave farm in southern Thousand Needles as I can hyperspawn it solo by using a movement speed set on my hunter.


Fishing for gold isn’t the most optimal for gold per hour but it’s decent and you can do it semi-afk. You can easily make 15k-20k per hour while watching a movie.

Be sure to check the prices for the different kinds of fish on the Auction House to know which one is the most profitable at the moment.

See the video below for my two button fishing setup.

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