Shadowlands Semi AFK Fishing - Make 12K Gold Per Hour While Watching a Movie 1

Shadowlands Semi AFK Fishing – Make 12K Gold Per Hour While Watching a Movie

This post is part of our Shadowlands gold farming tips. Click the link for more tips and guides on how to make gold in Shadowlands.

Semi-AFK fishing isn’t the fastest way to make gold but it’s a nice relaxing change of pace compared to a lot of other gold farming methods.

How much you can make will vary a lot as well depending on your server. Prices for fish also go up and down so keep checking the prices on the AH when deciding what fish to go for.

Prices for fish also tend to go up on raid nights as you need a lot of fish for cooking.

If you use the fish for cooking yourself you can make even more.

At the moment I can make about 12K gold and hour fishing Spinefin Piranha which is the most expensive fish at the moment. 15K if I use it for cooking myself.

Semi-Afk Fishing Setup

  1. Go into your key bindings and then targeting. Bind “Interact on Mouseover” to a Key. I this example we are going to use the “I” key since I wasn’t using that.
  2. Now put your Fishing ability on a hotbar and bind that to another key. I used “O” since it’s right next to the “I”
  3. Buy and Oversized Bobber at a Fishing Vendor in either Orgrimmar or Stormwind or wherever, the one in Oribos does not have it.
  4. Now go to the Fishing Vendor in Oribos and buy some bait for the fish you are fishing. (optional as you will also get some of these while fishing)
  5. Head over to your fishing spot.
  6. Use the Oversized Bobber and the bait.
  7. Now you can click “I” to cast out your line and “O” to catch the fish.
  8. Either zoom out and position the camera behind the Bobber towards your character, or zoom in to first person view and hover the mouse over the bobber.
  9. The bobber should be big enough so that you don’t need to move your mouse and get continue pressing “I” and “O” to catch fish while watching a movie or doing anything you want.

If you are having trouble with the setup, see the video below.

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