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Guild Wars 2 Celebrates the Holiday Season with ‘A Very Merry Wintersday 2023’

Guild Wars 2 Celebrates the Holiday Season with ‘A Very Merry Wintersday 2023’

The Guild Wars 2 Team has officially launched their annual Wintersday festival, bringing joy and festivity to the world of Tyria. The event, live until January 2, invites players of all levels to partake in a variety of winter-themed activities and earn seasonal rewards.

Wintersday Rewards and Activities

The event is rich with opportunities for players to earn unique Wintersday Gifts, containing holiday treats and surprises. The festival currency includes snowflakes, snow diamonds, and karma, which can be exchanged for minis, Wintersday-themed guild hall decorations, recipes, tonics, and more. A highlight is the adorable new Mini Plush Cuckoo.

Players completing Wintersday achievements will be rewarded with weapons from the Sacred Solstice collection and a Winter Fur Shoulders skin. Additionally, Ornamented weapons (staff, shield, and focus) are available either by opening Wintersday gifts or purchasing from a vendor. More details on these achievements and rewards can be found in the Hero panel under the Daily and Festivals categories.

Where to Join the Festivities

The hub for all Wintersday festivities is Divinity’s Reach. Players can use an Invitation to Wintersday from Tixx to instantly travel to the hub, with portals also available in Lion’s Arch, the Black Citadel, Hoelbrak, Rata Sum, and the Grove.

Engaging Activities for All

  • Bell Choir Ensemble: Join the Bell Maestro in Divinity’s Reach to play a rhythm game within the Enchanted Snow Globe, earning karma and Wintersday Gifts.
  • Donation Drive: Purchase Rolls of Wrapping Paper, create Wrapped Gifts, and distribute them to orphans throughout Divinity’s Reach for karma.
  • Mount Racing: Race around Divinity’s Reach using rented raptors.
  • Snowball Mayhem: Engage in a capture-the-flag-style game with snow-themed skills.
  • Strike Mission: Secret Lair of the Snowmen: Available to level 80 players, this mission challenges players to mend Freezie’s frozen heart.
  • Tixx’s Infinirarium: Help Toymaker Tixx in his airship workshop, accessible to players of any level.
  • Toypocalypse: Defend gift dolyaks in a tower-defense-style game, suitable for all levels.
  • Winter Wonderland: A holiday-themed jumping puzzle available for players of any level.

Scavenger Hunt and Mysterious Presents

Orphan Laine has sent out a letter inviting players to participate in a scavenger hunt. Additionally, massive Mysterious Presents will appear in Central Tyria maps, exploding when unwrapped to reveal Wintersday Gifts.