Guild Wars 2 Release Roadmap for the Rest of the Year 1

Guild Wars 2 Release Roadmap for the Rest of the Year

Guild Wars 2 is gearing up for an exciting few months! The game developers have just released a roadmap for the rest of the year, and there are some great things in store.

Guild Wars 2 fans will be pleased to hear that the rest of the year is packed with content updates and events.

Here’s a brief overview of our major release dates through the end of the year.

October 4—Competitive Profession Balance Update, Jormag Legendary Weapon Skin Variants

October 14—WvW World Restructuring Beta 6

October 18—Shadow of the Mad King

November 4—Extra Life Game Day

November 8—Living World Season 1 Episode 5: “Battle for Lion’s Arch,” Strike Mission: Old Lion’s Court

November 29—Profession Balance Update, Primordus Legendary Weapon Skin Variants, Strike Mission: Old Lion’s Court Challenge Mode

December 13—Wintersday

See the full Roadmap on the Guild Wars website for more information.

What are you looking forward to the most in Guild Wars this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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