Old-School Runescape Announces Exciting Christmas 2023 Event and Updates 1

Old-School Runescape Announces Exciting Christmas 2023 Event and Updates

It’s that time of the year again when the world of Gielinor in Old-School Runescape gets draped in festive cheer! The Old School Team is bringing holiday joy with their announcement of the 2023 Christmas Event.

As a reminder to all avid players, game updates will now be followed by a 30-minute downtime, starting at 11:30 GMT, to allow for up-to-date backups, ensuring the game worlds return online by 12:00 GMT.

The current Leagues will continue as usual over the Christmas period following next week’s update, barring any significant bugs or issues. Players are encouraged to keep using the in-game Bug Report feature for any issues they encounter.

The Lumbridge Christmas Extravaganza

The 2023 Christmas Event is set in Lumbridge, featuring the notorious Jack Frost. Bored and seeking mischief, Jack has been banished to Gielinor by Santa. He’s renting a field in Lumbridge for a winter sports event and needs your help to test it out. Participating in this event will not only bring a festive spirit but also enable players to earn Christmas Achievements. These achievements are just for fun and don’t count towards Leagues tasks or Achievement Diaries.

Frosty FashionScape and Livestream

Get ready for Frosty FashionScape! Players can earn the Snowglobe Helmet and the Icy Jumper to celebrate the season. Plus, all previous years’ rewards are up for grabs by talking to Diango in Draynor.

Don’t miss the Christmas Livestream on December 12th, the last one of the year. Join the J-Mods for a fun-filled session, including a giveaway of OSRS Boss Top Trumps cards.

Updates on Leagues IV: Trailblazer Reloaded

Players should be aware of the rolling schedule for calculating Leagues Points due to recent system errors. If discrepancies occur between Leagues and regular worlds, re-logging into a Leagues World should resolve the issue. Additionally, several fixes have been implemented for auto-completed Combat Achievements.

Chambers of Xeric Tweaks

The Chambers of Xeric have also received updates. Skeletal mystics now scale correctly in manually scaled raids, and a fix prevents players from placing Kindling in Storage Units to avoid exploiting Point bonuses.

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