Guild Wars 2 Launches New Chapter: "What Lies Beneath" for End of Dragons Storyline 1

Guild Wars 2 Launches New Chapter: “What Lies Beneath” for End of Dragons Storyline

Guild Wars 2 players are in for a treat as the game’s latest chapter, “What Lies Beneath,” has just gone live. This chapter serves as a continuation of the End of Dragons storyline, where players join the Friends’ Detective Agency to investigate the Jade Sea’s dangers and uncover the source of the jade mine workers’ corruption.

In “What Lies Beneath,” players will explore the brand-new map, Gyala Delve, where they will encounter the dark side of Cantha. The best part? This chapter is free for all owners of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, and it can be unlocked at any time with no gem cost.

Players who embark on this adventure can look forward to a variety of Cantha-themed rewards. These include the Luxon Hunter’s Weapon Set, Tahkayun’s Edge, and unique armor skins like the Grinning Tahkayun Mask, Processing-Line Control Bracer Skin, and Replica Oni Arms. There are also new miniatures, a Jade Miner’s Chair, and the Jade Bot Module: Turtle Pilot Booster with three upgrade tiers.

For PvP and WvW players, there’s a new reward track in this chapter. Additionally, a new quality-of-life feature has been added to the options menu, allowing players to adjust the intensity of map-based environmental visual effects in their game client.

To celebrate the new chapter, Guild Wars 2 is also holding its annual March sales in the Gem Store. This includes fantastic offers, such as the new Black Lion Requisition Missions and improvements to the sales item availability.

Players can access “What Lies Beneath” by navigating to the story journal in their Hero panel, selecting the chapter, and clicking “Play This Episode.” They will then receive a letter from Rama requesting their presence at the Red Duck Tea House.

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