Black Desert Mobile Marks 1,500 Days of Service with Exciting Events and Rewards 1

Black Desert Mobile Marks 1,500 Days of Service with Exciting Events and Rewards

Celebrating a significant milestone, Black Desert Mobile (BDM) announced a series of in-game and community events to commemorate 1,500 days of service. The celebration includes various events, community activities, and an array of free rewards for its players.

In-Game Events Galore

  1. GM Quiz: Players who correctly answer the GM Quiz will instantly receive 15,000 Boss Stamps.
  2. Server Chat Event: By typing “BDM 1500 Days” in the server chat, players can earn Restoration Scrolls.
  3. GM Surprise Missions: Completing two GM Surprise Missions rewards players with a 1,500 Black Pearl chest among other prizes.
  4. 300% Server Hot Time: A special 300% Hot Time for 1,500 minutes is available, allowing players to progress their characters faster.

These events offer an exciting opportunity for both new and veteran players to engage more deeply with the game and reap substantial rewards.

Community Engagement

  1. Fan Art Contest: Running until January 22, this contest invites players to showcase their artistic talents. Winners stand to gain attractive rewards.
  2. Message of Celebration: By engaging with Black Desert Mobile’s Facebook post commemorating this milestone, players contribute to a collective goal. If the post receives a total of 150 Likes and Comments, a special reward will be unlocked for all players.
  3. My Favorite Place in BDM: Players are encouraged to share screenshots of their favorite in-game locations. Participants will receive Kayal Nesser’s Treasure x 25.

These community events aim to foster a sense of camaraderie and showcase the creative spirit of the Black Desert Mobile community.

Special 1,500 Day Coupon

As part of the celebration, players can redeem the coupon code 1500-DAYS-TOGE-THER for an array of in-game items, including:

  • 15,000 Adventurer Tokens
  • 1,500 Chaos Crystals
  • 1,500 Alyaelli Fragments
  • 1,500 Totem Chests
  • 1 Power Boost Chest

This coupon offers a substantial boost, aiding players in their ongoing adventures within the vast world of Black Desert Mobile.

Celebrating Together

The 1,500-day celebration of Black Desert Mobile not only acknowledges the game’s success and longevity but also serves as a token of appreciation towards its dedicated player base. These events and rewards reflect the game’s commitment to its community, promising continued enjoyment and engagement for both new and seasoned adventurers.

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