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June Update for ArcheAge Brings New Features

June Update for ArcheAge Brings New Features

Get ready for some news from the world of ArcheAge. As we head into summer, the game’s developers have been turning up the heat with some exciting new developments planned for the June 2023 update.

Enter the Resourceful Daru

The most intriguing of these is the introduction of the new transformation system, “Daru.” Originally conceptualized as a new race, the developers thought a peaceful, financially oriented lifestyle fit the Daru better. As a result, they decided to create Daru as a transformation instead.

When players activate the Daru Transformation skill, their character’s avatar will transform into a Daru, improving their efficiency in non-combat activities. The transformation is made possible by obtaining a “Daru Transformation Scroll” through a quest that becomes available upon meeting certain conditions.

Flag War: An All-New Arena Experience

The June update is also set to introduce a brand new arena event, the Flag War. This factionless 10 vs. 10 battle challenges teams to steal the most flags or take out the most enemies to secure victory. The new arena is expected to run as a test for four weeks, with player feedback helping to shape the final version.

Global Arena Beta Service Launch

ArcheAge’s developers are also launching the beta service for the “Make a Splash” global arena. This will allow players from various regions, including Korea, Asia, North America, and Europe, to form teams and compete in the arena together.

Skills and Game Mechanics Adjustments

A number of changes and adjustments to skillsets and game mechanics are also in the works. These include skill balance adjustments targeting “tank” classes and the introduction of skills designed to counter other classes. Auramancy and Malediction skills, in particular, will see modifications.

Alongside these changes, the Ancestral skill will be applicable when using the Skillsaver feature. Also, the costs of resetting or changing skillsets/skills will now consider the player’s Ancestral Level.

Quality of Life Enhancements

In addition to the major updates, several quality-of-life improvements are coming. These include a new title search feature, options to toggle Erenor Wings display, and improved preview features. The update will also remove the requirement of using Honorforged Medals for switching to Ancestral Level.

As the June update also includes exclusive furniture for Guild Housing, this promises to be an exciting time for ArcheAge players.