Kandarin Gets a Makeover and RuneScape Forums Bid Farewell 1

Kandarin Gets a Makeover and RuneScape Forums Bid Farewell

Kandarin Area Graphical Update – A Visual Feast

The Gielinor glow-up continues as RuneScape unveils a mesmerizing graphical overhaul for Gielinor’s largest kingdom, Kandarin. The update introduces dramatic lighting, extensive terraforming, and the addition of a formidable mountain range to the skyline. Lush grass now carpets the landscape, giving Kandarin a breathtaking transformation. Players can witness the stunning changes through captivating comparisons provided by the RuneScape team.+

Avatar License & Forum Sunsetting

In an important update, RuneScape announces the retirement of its official forums. Originally created to foster player discussions, the forums have seen a decline in usage, with players preferring external platforms like Discord and Reddit. The forums will transition to read-only mode on January 25th and will be completely removed on March 28th. RuneScape encourages the community to preserve meaningful content during this period.

Treasure Hunter Calendar – Exciting Events Await

RuneScape’s Treasure Hunter Calendar reveals upcoming events. Mysteria, featuring multiple versions of Treasure Hunter, runs from January 16th to 17th. Following this, the Vault of Riches event, offering spiffy Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Gold outfits, takes place from January 18th to 22nd.

Patch Notes – Game Enhancements and Fixes

The latest game update includes several fixes and improvements. The graphical update extends beyond Kandarin, with changes such as the removal of Agility shortcuts from Arandar Pass. Hotfixes address issues with keepsaked items and gameplay elements related to Vorkath and Zemouregal. General improvements touch on various aspects, including cutscene progression, quest fixes, and adjustments to in-game items.

Community Highlights – Showcasing RuneScape’s Vibrant Community

The community showcase features u/1to99Artscape’s creative ideas, Runetube content from @InitYeah and @CrunchieRS, and scapers’ screenshots capturing memorable moments. Pink Skirts Player Events offer diverse in-game activities, including Soul Wars, Penguin Tour, and Special Buried Treasure. Fast SC celebrates its 15th anniversary with a series of events, emphasizing non-combat Stealing Creation.

Read more on the official Runescape site.

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