Ravendawn Online Launches Tomorrow: A Pixel MMORPG Adventure Begins 1

Ravendawn Online Launches Tomorrow: A Pixel MMORPG Adventure Begins

Tavernlight Games, the indie developer behind the highly anticipated 2D pixel MMORPG, Ravendawn Online, is gearing up for the official launch on January 16. As players eagerly await the release, the free-to-play title promises a nostalgic journey inspired by classic MMORPGs from the 90s.

Features that Set Ravendawn Online Apart

Ravendawn Online boasts a unique open-world sandbox experience, offering players the freedom to explore and shape their adventure. The game introduces a card-based open class system, providing diverse character customization options. Players can expect a player-driven economy, adding a dynamic element to in-game transactions. The in-depth player housing system allows users to build anywhere, fostering creativity and personalization.

Ravendawn Online Launches Tomorrow: A Pixel MMORPG Adventure Begins 2

Official Patch Notes for 1.0.0 Revealed

In preparation for the official launch, Tavernlight Games has shared the first Official Patch Notes for version 1.0.0. The patch includes new features, changes, and balances that the development team has diligently worked on over the past three weeks since the Final Open Beta concluded. Despite taking a break during the Holidays, the team has demonstrated their commitment to delivering a polished and engaging MMORPG experience.

A Message from the Game Director

Knighter, the Game Director of Ravendawn Online, expressed excitement in sharing the patch notes with the community. In a heartfelt message, Knighter acknowledged the continuous development required for an MMORPG and assured players that the team is dedicated to making Ravendawn a passionately crafted and special gaming experience for years and decades to come.

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