Old School RuneScape Reveals Deadman: Apocalypse 1

Old School RuneScape Reveals Deadman: Apocalypse

In a recent blog post, Old School RuneScape has revealed its latest addition to its gaming content, Deadman: Apocalypse, a variant of the popular Deadman seasonal game mode. As hinted in their mini roadmap, this new game mode introduces a doomsday scenario to Gielinor.

The base principle of Deadman remains intact in Apocalypse. Players will enter a seasonal game mode where PvP is enabled almost everywhere, XP rates are increased, loot is more abundant, and death carries severe penalties. Players will strive to survive and become the last (dead)man standing over the course of a few weeks.

Old School RuneScape Reveals Deadman: Apocalypse 2

However, Deadman: Apocalypse brings a twist to the formula. Disturbances are reported in the Abyss, and mysterious breaches appear across Gielinor. Boss monsters pour through these gaps, threatening towns like Barbarian Village or areas like the Wilderness north of the Grand Exchange. Players are charged with quelling these beasts, reaping exclusive and powerful loot as their reward. But the true challenge arises when these breaches begin to appear non-stop, and the players must outlast each other amidst the chaos.

The developers of Old School RuneScape also detailed various changes in Deadman: Apocalypse. A few of these include Combat Bracket Worlds, XP Multipliers, Starter Packs, and automatic quest unlocks. Combat Bracket Worlds were introduced during Deadman: Reborn and were well-received by players. These worlds allow players to progress at their own pace, ensuring they aren’t overwhelmed by players who progress rapidly. In Deadman: Apocalypse, there will be five combat brackets.

XP rates are still increased in this Deadman mode, with the increase dependent on a player’s combat bracket tier. Automatic quest unlocks will continue, allowing players to focus on earning points and progressing in the game. Starter packs have also been upgraded to help newly respawned players get back on their feet quickly.

Deadman: Apocalypse introduces a unique Achievement System, allowing players to earn points by progressing through the game in whichever way they please. These points can potentially secure players real-life cash prizes. The three-life system has been removed, and improved starter packs have been introduced to ensure players can recover after an untimely end.

The mode’s finale will feature a deadly fog and an endless stream of monsters, pushing players to a final area. In this final area, players will have to battle bosses, each other, and the creeping fog until only one player remains. This last player standing will earn a real-life cash prize.

Old School RuneScape’s developers have described Deadman: Apocalypse as “an apocalyptic playground,” a stark departure from previous Deadman seasons. However, the community is buzzing with excitement for this unique spin on a beloved game mode.

Deadman: Apocalypse will go live in two months, marking the start of an exciting new chapter in Old School RuneScape’s history. Prepare yourself, the end times are coming.

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