EVE Online's Viridian Expansion Now Live 1

EVE Online’s Viridian Expansion Now Live

The latest expansion for EVE Online has now been released. Titled “Viridian,” the expansion is one of two major updates promised by the developers for 2023.

At its core, Viridian presents an unprecedented opportunity for the players, known as capsuleers in the EVE Online universe. The new tools allow them to efficiently run their in-game corporations, custom-design Upwell structures, and explore fresh combat strategies using the new lancer dreadnoughts. Furthermore, the expansion has significantly enhanced the game’s social dimensions, creating opportunities for the capsuleers to forge alliances and play in tandem.

A significant overhaul in the Viridian expansion is aimed at empowering corporations, the player-run entities in EVE. New features have been incorporated to simplify the management structure, engage members more effectively, and redefine the corporations’ purpose. Tools such as Corporation Projects and a new AIR Opportunities interface aid capsuleers in setting measurable objectives and tracking progress, thereby strengthening the corporation’s role in the game’s dynamic universe.

For the first time, corporations will also be able to earn income from Loyalty Points (LP), giving them a new revenue stream. This addition essentially expands the corporation’s revenue model beyond ISK, the primary currency in the EVE universe. The change will allow corporations to benefit from members’ activities that generate LP, such as factional warfare and missions.

Furthermore, Viridian paves the way for corporations to make a unique mark in the EVE universe. Thanks to the Super-Kerr Induced Nanocoating Resequencer (SKINR) tool, corporations can now create a visual identity for their Upwell structures. This development not only aids brand recognition but also adds another layer to the game’s immersive gameplay.

On the combat front, the expansion introduces Tech II lancer dreadnoughts, a new class of ships. These lancer dreadnoughts come with area-of-effect disruptive lance weapons, offering unique combat strategies. Four different lancers representing the four main empires of EVE are being added, opening up new tactical opportunities for the capsuleers.

Meanwhile, the game’s capital ships construction process is also getting an overhaul. A series of changes aim to ease bottlenecks in the building process, with the ultimate goal of getting more ships built and subsequently flown in the space. Dreadnoughts and Jump Freighters are expected to benefit most from these changes.

Visually, the Viridian expansion is also a feast for the eyes. With revamped effects on empire frigates and improvements to missile impact effects, the new expansion significantly enhances the game’s visual appeal. Players can also expect a more immersive experience with the introduction of volumetric clouds.

In addition to all these changes, the Viridian expansion brings a new level of excitement for the players with its daily challenges feature. Capsuleers now have the chance to undertake three ambitious tasks daily and earn Skill Points or EverMarks as rewards.

Finally, to celebrate the launch of the Viridian expansion, all EVE Online pilots can claim seven free days of Omega time by visiting the New Eden Store by June 20. This offer gives pilots access to a wider range of ships, faster skill training, and many more benefits.

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