Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Schedules Pre-Alpha Session for Alpha Pledges 1

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Schedules Pre-Alpha Session for Alpha Pledges

The team behind Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has scheduled a new Pre-Alpha testing phase. Set to begin on January 27th at 10 am PST and lasting for 24 hours, this session invites all backers with Alpha Testing access to participate. The event marks an opportunity for players to explore the world of Terminus, although it requires starting with a new character due to a character wipe. Participants will have the ability to choose their server, allowing for potential community interactions within the game.

Updates on Avendyr’s Pass Development

Progress in the development of Avendyr’s Pass, a significant zone in the game, has been outlined. The zone is divided into three areas: Mad Run, Hanggore, and a predominantly orange zone. The focus is currently on finalizing the ‘orange zone’, with most terrain and biome elements in place. The team is actively populating NPCs and developing caves within this zone.

Technical and Content Developments

The development team has resolved a notable issue with character saves, enhancing game stability. Progress on the pet system is ongoing, currently at approximately 50% completion for its initial phase. Further additions are planned following the establishment of this foundational element.

The Ogre race is under active development, with current efforts focused on armor fitting after the completion of initial modeling. Concurrently, the concept art for Orcs has been finalized, leading to updates on existing Orc models to align with the new designs.

Visual enhancements in combat effects have reached a significant milestone. Alongside this, continuous work on animations and emotes is being undertaken, with an emphasis on player feedback for emote preferences.

A notable update is the tweaking of creature designs to enable color variations, adding diversity to the game’s fauna. Upcoming programming tasks include combat system refinements, such as balancing the resist system, reducing melee weapon delays for improved fluidity, and updating weapon techniques.

Biome diversity is also a focus, with enhancements planned for undergrowth variations. Lastly, the introduction of a new client patcher aims to reduce download times, improving player experience.

The development team extends gratitude for ongoing support and encourages the community to stay tuned for further updates as more aspects of Terminus are brought to life.

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