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Lineage II Introduces Rise of the High Elves and Mother Tree Updates

Lineage II Introduces Rise of the High Elves and Mother Tree Updates

Lineage II is set to release two significant updates this month, titled “Rise of the High Elves” and “Mother Tree.” These updates will introduce new elements to the game, including a new race, classes, and enhanced gameplay features.

Rise of the High Elves

Scheduled for release on April 16, the “Rise of the High Elves” update adds the High Elf race to the Lineage II universe. This update allows players to create High Elf characters and explore new class options: the ‘Sacred Templar’ for male characters and the ‘Spirit’ for female characters. Each class comes with unique skills and abilities, expanding the strategic options available to players.

The update also introduces the “Heavenly Tower,” a new hunting zone with specific entry times and challenges, designed to provide engaging combat experiences and rewarding player achievements with valuable items and buffs.

Mother Tree Update

Concurrently, the Lineage II: Classic servers will roll out the “Mother Tree” update to commemorate the game’s 20th anniversary. This update includes several features aimed at enhancing the player experience, such as a 100% EXP boost for characters below level 76, and the addition of new buff packages and free teleports. A new event hunting zone, Merkios’ Altar, will also be introduced, offering daily challenges against a backdrop of competitive gameplay.

The “Mother Tree” update seeks to balance nostalgia with new enhancements, catering to both long-standing players and those new to the game.