EverQuest II Developers Discuss Past Projects and Future Directions in AMA Session 1

EverQuest II Developers Discuss Past Projects and Future Directions in AMA Session

In a recent “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on the EverQuest II official forums, the game’s developers shared insights into their favorite projects over the past year and provided updates on upcoming content. The session offered a glimpse into both the personal preferences of the developers and their professional approaches to game development.

Developers recounted their involvement in various aspects of EverQuest II over the past year. Kaitheel was enthusiastic about incorporating Sirran the Lunatic into the Ballads of Zimara quest line, highlighting the importance of integrating lore-rich characters. Kander reminisced about his previous focus on dungeons, with Skyshrine standing out as a memorable project. TTobey enjoyed working on animal models, especially the German Shepherd, and hinted at an exciting, yet-to-be-released project.

Chrol expressed satisfaction with the Aether Wroughtlands, noting the zone’s unique environmental design. Denmum found fulfillment in developing the D.I.R.T.Y. questline and crafting new gear for high-level crafters. Haohmaru and Gninja both highlighted their work on new zones and special events, which continue to add depth and variety to the game.

The developers also shared their favorite zones and expansions, with mentions of Rise of Kunark and Visions of Vetrovia. Memorable moments from community interactions, particularly at events like the 2014 Fan Faire, were highlighted as special opportunities for direct engagement with players.

Looking forward, the AMA touched on future plans for EverQuest II. Discussions included the future of tradeskills, with Caith affirming that despite a recent subdued tradeskill quest line, there are no intentions to phase out this aspect of the game. The Origins server was introduced as a nod to veteran players, aiming to recreate the original neighborhoods and quests.

In a lighter segment of the AMA, developers shared their favorite foods, which ranged from sushi to specific dishes like naked chicken wings, showcasing the diverse tastes of the team behind the game.

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