New World Sees Population Increase as Lost Ark's Numbers Decline 1

New World Sees Population Increase as Lost Ark’s Numbers Decline

It seems like Amazon’s two MMOs are starting to head in opposite directions. New World, which has been seeing declining player numbers since its release last year, is now starting to see an increase in players. Lost Ark, on the other hand, is currently seeing a decline in players, which has resulted in a server merge coming this month.

New World has been slowly gaining players over the past week and has now reached a peak of over 30,000 concurrent players. This is a significant increase from the 20,000 concurrent players that the game was seeing just a week ago, enough to warrant opening one new server in each region. The population increase comes as New World prepares for its first expansion, Brimstone Sands.

Lost Ark, on the other hand, is seeing a decline in players. The game peaked at around 1.3 million concurrent players at launch but has since dropped to around 200,000 concurrent player peaks. Despite the decline in player numbers, Lost Ark is still one of the most popular games on Steam.

It will be interesting to see how these two games continue to develop over the next few months. Only time will tell how these two Amazon MMOs will fare in the future.

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