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Upcoming: Second Territory Control Public Test for Mortal Online 2

Upcoming: Second Territory Control Public Test for Mortal Online 2

Upcoming: Second Territory Control Public Test for Mortal Online 2

July 11, 2023

Star Vault, the game developer behind Mortal Online 2, announced the upcoming second Territory Control public test, starting on July 13th and running for three days. The news comes via an official post on their website, detailing the various processes to join the Public Test Realm (PTR) and shedding light on several new features that gamers can expect in this second round.

For those who missed the first round of public testing, the developers have provided instructions on how to access the PTR. From 1 PM UTC on July 13th, the PTR beta branch on Steam will be open to the public. By accessing game properties within the Steam client and selecting the Mortal Online PTR branch under ‘Betas’, gamers will be able to patch their games to the test branch.

An extensive manual has been released by the developers, which provides details on the new systems and mechanics associated with Territory Control and Sieging. Updates have been made since the first round of testing, so it is recommended that even previous participants review the manual again.

In a major revelation, it was revealed that the PTR2 server will retain the same database used for PTR1. This implies that constructions made during the last test will still be present in the upcoming test.

Additionally, the second PTR will include two new Elementalism spell groups, allowing early testing of these features. The new spells can be obtained from the normal Magic Vendor for a nominal fee, and most of them will use a placeholder reagent called Cave Amber for easy testing.

This second phase of testing will retain all core Territory Control and Sieging systems from the first round, with significant improvements. Some of these updates include modifications to Siege Tents, the addition of Alert Towers, and more user-friendly supply towers.

Further improvements include tweaks to the guild structure defense bonus, reduced cooldowns for Stewards to produce ‘Production Goods,’ and engineering skills to speed up the construction of structures and siege machines. The new test realm promises many more changes for gamers to experiment with.

Players are encouraged to report any issues they encounter through the in-game bug reporting tool. Star Vault also plans to launch a feedback survey after the PTR2 has ended, aiming to gain valuable insights from the gamer community.

To add excitement to the announcement, the developers are inviting gamers to contribute to a trailer for the final Territory Control release. Gamers are encouraged to record and share their spectacular or cinematic experiences during the test.