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Meet Achel: Vindictus Unveils Its 23rd Hero

Meet Achel: Vindictus Unveils Its 23rd Hero

The Vindictus team has just introduced Achel, the 23rd hero to grace the game, and he’s set to redefine combat dynamics.

Achel, a male warrior, wields the traditional Hasta – a spear rooted in the ancient lore of Connacht. This weapon is unique, designed for rapid-fire stabs but equally adept at wide, slashing arcs. The Grand Targe, a formidable shield, accompanies the Hasta. Together, these weapons form a deadly combination, allowing Achel to defend against threats and counter with powerful blows.

Dynamic Combat System

Achel’s combat style is nothing short of dynamic. With the “Targe Thrust” skill, players can utilize Achel’s temporary muscle enhancement to strike enemies using the Grand Targe. However, this rapid, dynamic movement has a cost: it can cause muscle spasms, adding a cool-down period before the technique can be redeployed.

The Hasta spear is not just for show. With skills like “Spiral Slash” and “Brutal Drive,” Achel showcases exquisite spearmanship. Landing these skills can help alleviate muscle tension, a side effect from using the Targe Thrust.

Enhanced Mobility

Achel is not just about strength. His unique “Mad Dash” skill grants him enhanced speed, allowing him to sprint while accumulating power. In this stance, Achel can unleash two different attacks, each tailored to the characteristics of his weapons: the high-speed “Mad Rush” using the Grand Targe and the “Mad Lunge” deploying the Hasta. Together, they promise an adrenaline-filled gameplay across the expansive battlefields.

Arsenal of Active Skills

The Vindictus team has equipped Achel with a myriad of active skills suitable for diverse combat scenarios. “Active: Roots of Antaeus” boosts Achel’s adrenaline, enabling him to use the spear technique “Wild Swing” for successive attacks. Then there’s the “Active: Downfall” where Achel lunges at enemies, striking the ground to create a devastating explosion. Enemies hit might find themselves disoriented, granting players a brief upper hand.

Other notable skills include the “Active: Strike Down,” which combines the powers of both the Hasta and Grand Targe, and the “Active: Storm of Steel” that delivers rapid sequential attacks.

Coming Soon

As the 23rd hero of Vindictus, Achel will soon make his debut in an upcoming game update. The Vindictus team expressed their gratitude to the game’s loyal community, saying, “Thank you for your love, support, and interest in Vindictus!” With Achel’s introduction, players can expect a thrilling and revamped gameplay experience.