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Guild Wars 2 Ushers in a New Era with “Secrets of the Obscure” Expansion

Guild Wars 2 Ushers in a New Era with “Secrets of the Obscure” Expansion

Today marks a momentous occasion for the Guild Wars 2 community, as ArenaNet officially releases its latest expansion, Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure. Originally announced at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7), this eagerly awaited chapter introduces fans to a Tyria free from the looming threat of the Elder Dragons.

The new expansion promises a rich tapestry of experiences. Players will reunite with old allies and forge new friendships while fending off the enigmatic Kryptis forces from the Mists. Notably, Secrets of the Obscure unveils an innovative Weaponmaster Training, alongside a relic system, enhancing build combinations for players. Adventurers can expect to navigate the skies of Tyria with an emphasis on aerial exploration across two fresh zones. The process of obtaining the skyscale mount has also been refined, complemented by the addition of Flight Training Masteries. On the combat front, the expansion offers two novel Strike Missions for players to engage in heart-pounding battles.

ArenaNet conveys palpable excitement about the expansion, especially as it heralds a novel approach to content delivery. Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure is structured to unfold over the next three major releases, approximately one each quarter. This roadmap includes system updates, further rewards, new weapon capabilities, and additional instanced combat encounters. ArenaNet’s ambition is clear: to maintain a steady flow of compelling content, ensuring players always have something to look forward to. This model has already influenced the development strategy for their fifth expansion, slated for a release next year.

A snapshot of the expansion’s rollout includes:

  • Story: Beginning with the launch story arc, and progressing through three updates culminating in the story’s conclusion.
  • Maps: Introducing Skywatch Archipelago, Amnytas, and Outpost: Wizard’s Tower, with further map expansions and completions in subsequent updates.
  • Combat: The debut of Strike: Cosmic Observatory and Strike: Temple of Febe, with more instanced combats on the horizon.
  • Masteries and More: Weaponmaster Training, a range of new armor sets, relics, and the innovative Wizard’s Vault are among the many features players can dive into.

As the game approaches its 11th anniversary on August 28th, the team expresses heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated Guild Wars 2 community. In-game commemorations include character-specific birthday presents and exclusive sales from the Black Lion Trading Company. Moreover, fans are invited to join a grand celebration at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle, WA, on September 1st.

Adding to the festivities, ArenaNet recently showcased their new Guild Wars 2 merchandise line. The standout is the Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure Collectible Bundle, highlighted by the Shadow of Nayos Statue – an exquisite representation of the Kryptis royalty central to the expansion’s narrative.

Guild Wars 2 Ushers in a New Era with "Secrets of the Obscure" Expansion 1

Wrapping up the Summer/Fall roadmap, players can anticipate a skills and balance overhaul, the fan-favorite Halloween festival, updates to the World vs. World gameplay, and a series of bonus events reminiscent of those introduced post-Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. The year promises to end with a bang as more content from Secrets of the Obscure is scheduled to drop, accompanied by a weapon proficiency beta-event.