MHAW & Double XP Live: RuneScape Supports Mental Health and Boosts Experience Gains 1

MHAW & Double XP Live: RuneScape Supports Mental Health and Boosts Experience Gains

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW), RuneScape is offering special bundles for charity, allowing players to support a worthy cause while enjoying the game. All proceeds from the MHAW bundles will be donated to Rise Above the Disorder, a non-profit organization that covers the cost of mental health care for people worldwide. The RuneScape community has consistently shown tremendous support in the past, and this year is expected to be no different.

The MHAW bundles include the Power Bundle and the Cosmetic Equipment Bundle. The Power Bundle, priced at 250 RuneCoins, offers various in-game items such as the Rock of Resilience, which provides experience boosts, protean items, skill dummies, clue scrolls, pulse cores, cinder cores, aura refreshes, life refreshes, and item protection contracts. The Cosmetic Equipment Bundle, also priced at 250 RuneCoins, features keepsake keys, a prismatic dye, and a chameleon extract. Both bundles can be purchased up to three times.

Additionally, all proceeds from items in Solomon’s General Store during Mental Health Awareness Week will be donated to charity. Moreover, there is a 10% discount on items in the Spotlight tab that are over a month old.

For players who wish to contribute more than what the bundles allow, there is a RuneCoin donation package available. By donating 100 RuneCoins in one go, players will receive the title “the Giving,” and further donations totaling 500 RuneCoins will unlock the title “the Altruistic.” The donation package does not provide any in-game items or benefits but allows players to show their support.

Double XP LIVE is also making a return this week, starting on Friday, May 19th, and lasting until Monday, May 29th. During this event, players will receive 48 hours of double XP to use at their convenience. The timer can be paused if players need to engage in other activities, ensuring they don’t miss out on valuable XP time. Additionally, unused XP hours can be traded for credits to use with Nic The Trader.

With the recent update, RuneScape introduces the Retro Gilded Armour Bundle, available for 630 RuneCoins or 567 for members. This bundle includes the Replica Rune Armour (Gilded) and the Reforged Rune Armour (Gilded), both of which come with a full set of armor, including a helm, platebody, platelegs, plateskirt, gauntlets, and sabatons. The purchase of this bundle also contributes to the MHAW charity drive.

Lastly, RuneScape announces the completion of the Retro Poll, which brought back various retro cosmetics based on player preferences. The Helm of Neitiznot is set to be released soon as the sixth item from the poll, although the exact arrival date is yet to be determined. Once the Helm of Neitiznot is launched, all previous rewards will be bundled together for players to purchase as a group.

As RuneScape continues to prioritize mental health awareness and provide exciting in-game events and updates, players have the opportunity to make a positive impact while enjoying their gaming experience.

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