Monsters & Memories Shares A Detailed Update on Recent Progress 1

Monsters & Memories Shares A Detailed Update on Recent Progress

In a recent update on the M&M website, the team behind Monsters & Memories shared insights into their progress for February and March, alongside introducing a new section on their website. This section is dedicated to providing detailed information regarding the game’s launch timeline, aiming to clarify any questions regarding the launch’s specifics.

Adding to their team, the developers welcomed new members Dustin (Bullet) and John (JohnNS). Dustin is set to contribute to the development of the MnM Roleplay Server and customer service planning, bringing valuable experience from his time managing a prominent GTA 5 RP server. John, a long-standing community member and tester, has now formally joined the team, leveraging his extensive QA experience to further enhance the game’s development.

Artistic and Design Progress

The update highlighted a variety of concept artworks, including armor, the Floating Citadel, Necronauts, and various locations. This array of concept art provides glimpses into the evolving visual direction of the game.

Significant progress has been made in character art, specifically in refining the UV layout for player models. This refinement is aimed at ensuring uniformity across different races and simplifying the armor application process, signaling a forward leap in the game’s visual consistency and design efficiency.

The animation team has revisited and refined animations for spiders and will-o-wisps, in addition to introducing new orc animations. The environment art team has continued its work on the Glass Flats, incorporating effects that vary with the time of day to create a more immersive game world.

The audio department has completed the Biome Jam Soundtrack and introduced new ambient sounds, including underwater ambience, to enrich the game’s soundscape. In terms of gameplay design, updates have been made across several areas, including enabling Wood Elves, revising NPC populations, and enhancing itemization in quests.

The technical team has focused on optimization and finalizing systems for the upcoming launch, marking over 450 commits during the February and March period. Efforts have been made to enhance the user interface, animation synchronization, and netcode, among other areas, to improve the overall gameplay experience.

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