Monsters and Memories MMORPG Announces Public Stress Test This Weekend 1

Monsters and Memories MMORPG Announces Public Stress Test This Weekend

Monsters and Memories, the upcoming MMORPG inspired by classic fantasy themes, is set to hold a public stress test this weekend on April 28th and 29th. The test will consist of two four-hour sessions, one each day, with the possibility of extending testing based on conditions.

The focus of these sessions is technical stability at scale, including download and installation, in-game performance, and server performance. Data gathered from this test will help the developers plan for future tests that focus on gameplay and other specific facets of the game.

Monsters and Memories is a smaller-budget indie game in the style of a classic fantasy MMO that utilizes modern-day tools and development practices. The game is highly referential of classic fantasy themes and 70s-80s rock album covers, and its art style leverages modern engines while allowing the imagination to fill in the blanks.

The game also features simple, deliberate gameplay, reminiscent of classic era MMOs. Combat is simple, streamlined, and strategic, and progression pacing is slower, allowing persistence and ongoing involvement with the world and other players to pay off over time.

Community, identity, and reliance are at the heart of the game, with adventuring and community focus on single group activities and social experiences. Classes and skills are designed to feel familiar, with distinct identities and interdependence. Even solo play ties into a greater communal purpose.

The game’s world is living, layered, and mysterious, with a focus on scheduled and ever-changing content and NPC behaviors. Time, seasonality, factions, and relationships are used to maintain an ongoing sense of mystery and discovery. Many systems are stripped of hand-holding and overt explanation, and systems added over time focus on providing discoverable and unique ways to interact with the world and other players.

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