Star Wars: The Old Republic Provides Q1 2024 Updates and Future Plans 1

Star Wars: The Old Republic Provides Q1 2024 Updates and Future Plans

The first quarter of 2024 has been a period of notable activity for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), with both new and returning players engaging with the game’s content. Keith Kanneg, the Executive Producer, recently shared insights into the developments and upcoming features in the game following the release of Update 7.4 in December.

The year began with a developer stream on February 14, offering a preview of what was to come in Game Update 7.4.1. The team has announced another stream in April to discuss the forthcoming Game Update 7.5, continuing the dialogue with the game’s community.

On February 27, SWTOR launched PvP Season 5, titled “Pirate’s Plunder,” offering players new rewards such as armors, decorations, and the “Pirate’s Bounty” Flair over a 12-week season.

Game Update 7.4.1, titled “Building a Foundation,” was released on March 12. It introduced Galactic Seasons 6, the “Date Night” narrative feature, and enabled character transfers to the Shae Vizla server in the Asia-Pacific region. Galactic Seasons 6 features the Copero Stronghold, and the Date Night Missions offer a new narrative experience for players interested in character development.

Subscribers have been given opportunities for free or discounted character transfers to the Shae Vizla server, facilitating easier access for players in specific regions.

The update has brought new items to the Cartel Market, including armors inspired by Ahsoka™, new weapons, and a Copero themed Utility Bundle. The SWTOR Launcher has seen updates for improved information presentation, with plans to update the Steam launcher similarly.

The upcoming Game Update 7.5, “Desperate Defiance,” will revisit Hutta, accompanied by a new Spring event to round out the game’s seasonal offerings. This event aims to provide a unique experience for the community. The storyline surrounding Lane Vizla is also set to conclude in this update.

Further details about Game Update 7.5 and other future content will be shared in the next developer stream scheduled for April.

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