Neverwinter Introduces New "Celestial" Rank and Updates Enchantment Costs 1

Neverwinter Introduces New “Celestial” Rank and Updates Enchantment Costs

Neverwinter has announced a new enhancement rank named “Celestial” as part of its upcoming “Adventures in Wildspace” expansion. This new rank will exceed the existing highest rank, Mythic, providing a boost of 300 item levels alongside corresponding stats improvements.

The update also includes a reduction in the costs associated with upgrading enchantments, aimed at making these enhancements more accessible for both new and existing players. Below is a detailed breakdown of the adjusted costs:

  • Uncommon to Rare: Reduced from 100k RP, 3 glyphs, and 5 gold to 20k RP, 1 glyph, and 2 gold.
  • Rare to Epic: Reduced from 200k RP, 4 glyphs, and 10 gold to 60k RP, 2 glyphs, and 4 gold.
  • Epic to Legendary: Reduced from 300k RP, 5 glyphs, and 15 gold to 150k RP, 3 glyphs, and 8 gold.
  • Legendary to Mythic: Reduced from 400k RP, 6 glyphs, and 20 gold to 300k RP, 4 glyphs, and 15 gold.
  • Mythic to Celestial: Remains at 400k RP, 6 glyphs, and 20 gold.

The salvage returns for enchantments have been increased, encouraging players to upgrade their gear. However, upgrades to the Celestial rank require enchantments obtained from the Rewards Claim Agent.

Furthermore, the update revises the costs for upgrading Mount Collars, which enhance mount attributes. For example, upgrading a collar from Rare to Epic now requires 30 Greater Shards of Empowerment and 500 Insignia Powder, compared to the previous 50 shards and 750 powder.

The update also increases the effectiveness of most Mount Collars to 90% of the player’s Item Level, enhancing their impact on gameplay.

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