Old School Runescape Releases Final Batch of Quest Speedrunning Updates 1

Old School Runescape Releases Final Batch of Quest Speedrunning Updates

Old School Runescape’s latest patch has been released, bringing the final batch of Quest Speedrunning updates.

The Quest Speedrunning Final Batch update allows players to replay some of the game’s most iconic quests with the aim of completing them as quickly as possible. Dragon Slayer II and Black Knights’ Fortress are now out of beta and ready to be conquered by players on Quest Speedrunning Worlds.

Players will earn points depending on how quickly they complete the quests. Faster times will reward more points, which can be exchanged for main-game cosmetics such as the Adventurer’s outfit or Speedy teleport Scroll. To claim these rewards, players can visit Eliza in Varrock Square.

To help players get started on their speedrunning journey, there are several resources available, including the OSRS Wiki page, where players can find speedrun guides for each of the quests. There is also a Quest Speedrunning Discord for those who want to connect with other players and discuss strategies.

In addition to the Quest Speedrunning Final Batch, the latest patch also includes a hotfix. The automatic purging of permanently banned or muted accounts from players’ ignore lists has been temporarily disabled due to some bugs that arose after launch. The feature will be reactivated in the near future once the bugs are corrected.

Overall, Old School Runescape players have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks with the upcoming beta tests and new skill pitches. But for now, they can focus on perfecting their speedrunning skills and earning those coveted Diamond Trophies to show off on their main accounts.

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