The best games like Runescape

Amazing Games Like Runescape: MMORPGs and Online Games similar to Runescape

Looking for games like Runescape? Runescape is a great game whether you prefer the regular RS or OSRS, but there are lots of great alternatives if you find Runescape too time-consuming, don’t like the graphics, or would just like a change.

Runescape is one of the longest-running, biggest, and most influential MMORPGs of all time and has left its mark on plenty of other games with its unique skill system and economy.

Below is a list of our favorite games that are like Runescape but still stand on their own with unique gameplay and qualities. The list is in no particular order and we recommend that you check out all these wonderful games and maybe find a new favorite.


Fractured is similar to Runescape in many ways.

Fractured is the newcomer on the block. It’s an open-world sandbox MMO with a skill-based progression system that focuses a lot on crafting.

The combat in Fractured is action-oriented and it plays like a mix of Diablo or Path of Exile, Runescape, and old-school RPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale.

The world or rather worlds are open to you from the start for you to explore and the economy is completely player-driven.

Fractured is still in alpha but they are running playtests for players to test and experience the game.

Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria looks similar to runescape

Legends of Aria was released in 2019 and might be the modern MMO that is most like Runescape. They even look alike with an isometric view.

Legends of Aria features a completely open sandbox world, even allowing players to mod and create community servers.

The game focuses a lot of crafting, exploration and has a skill-based system that allows for players to start enjoying the game from the beginning rather than grinding to a max level.

Players can also build and customize their own houses and shops.

Ultima Online

Amazing Games Like Runescape: MMORPGs and Online Games similar to Runescape 1

Ultima Online is one of the original MMOs, released back in 1997 and it is still going strong with new events and updates.

This is truly a cult MMO with a dedicated following, and a must try for any hardcore MMO fan.

The graphics might feel dated but should still appeal to old-school MMO and RPG players and the gameplay is very immersive and you’ll quickly forget about the graphics!

Albion Online

Albion Online also feature an isometric view like Runescape

Albion Online is another relatively new game that has been heavily inspired by Runescape.

Albion is completely free to play with a skill-based system, player-driven economy, and full-loot PvP.

The world of Albion Online will feel familiar to Runescape players but with a more modern look.

Project Gorgon

Amazing Games Like Runescape: MMORPGs and Online Games similar to Runescape 2

Project Gorgon is the only game on our list without Isometric graphics, so the game might also appeal to fans of other classic MMOs like Everquest or Asheron’s Call.

Project Gorgon is skill-based with almost 100 different skills to work at.

One of the things that set the game apart from other MMOs is its emphasis on players’ ability to morph into different animals.

Path of Exile

Amazing Games Like Runescape: MMORPGs and Online Games similar to Runescape 3

Path of Exile isn’t an MMO but an APRG, which sets it apart from the other games on this list.

PoE features one of the best and most intricated character progression systems there is and with hours upon hours of immersive gameplay.

It might have been made more for the fans of the Diablo franchise but Runescape players seeking some action will also love this game.

It’s also free to play, so there’s no reason to not check it out!

That’s it for our list of games that are similar in style to Runescape. If you have a favorite game that you think should be on the list, please leave a comment below!

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