EverQuest Testing New UI Engine with Improved Features and Customization Options 1

EverQuest Testing New UI Engine with Improved Features and Customization Options

EverQuest is getting a new UI engine. According to a recent post by Accendo, the Community Manager, the new engine is on track to launch in the coming weeks. However, before the official release, the developers need to test the new engine to ensure that both players and custom UI designers can get used to the changes.

The new UI engine is not a complete overhaul of the user interface. It should look very similar to the existing UI, but with new features like docking, scaling, and more options for creating and modifying UI windows. Currently, only a few windows have been converted to the new UI engine, including Inventory, Story, Quantity, and Window Selector windows.

If you use the default UI, things should work similarly to how they used to. However, for custom UI creators, maintainers, and users, there is a new folder called “Layout Converter” that contains a tool to convert custom UI files into the new UI engine. Although the tool is still being developed, it can be installed after patching the latest test update from March 21, 2023.

The developers are still working out some bugs in the new UI engine. They have acknowledged some known issues, including all new/converted UI windows staying on top of the old windows, color not changing from green to red when all charges on an item are expended, and converted UI elements not appearing when taking in-game screenshots.

Players are encouraged to test the new UI engine and report any bugs they find. The developers appreciate players’ patience and assistance with testing. They have created a New UI Bugs thread where players can report any issues they find.

Overall, the new UI engine for EverQuest is still a work-in-progress. The developers plan to share more information about the progress and the official release in the near future. With the new features and improvements, players can expect a better and more user-friendly experience in the game.

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