Old World Labs Announces Early Access for "Abyss Online" with a Playtest Available on Steam 1

Old World Labs Announces Early Access for “Abyss Online” with a Playtest Available on Steam

Old World Labs has launched a free playtest for “Abyss Online,” its new MMORPG that blends survival crafting with open-world PvP. This announcement precedes the game’s planned Early Access release on May 7th. The month-long playtest, now available on Steam, allows players to experience the game during its pre-alpha stage and provide feedback that could impact its development.

“Abyss Online” is leveraging this early player engagement to refine its features and gameplay. The developers at Old World Labs describe the playtest as a chance for players to be directly involved in the game’s evolution by experiencing updates in real time and interacting with the development team.

The game itself is developed using Unreal Engine 5.4, aiming to deliver a detailed and immersive fantasy world named Aeternea. Features include PvP battles, PvE encounters, crafting, and guilds, all of which are open to adjustments based on player suggestions.

In addition to being able to influence the game’s development, participants in the Early Access phase are promised certain in-game rewards. These rewards include the ability to claim unique names, and acquire special titles and exclusive cosmetic items.

Players interested in joining the playtest can do so by visiting the “Abyss Online” page on Steam or on STOVE, a popular gaming platform in Asia. Alternatively, players can download the Xsolla launcher from the game’s website for immediate access.

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