Black Desert Online Implements Family-Based Life Skills System 1

Black Desert Online Implements Family-Based Life Skills System

Black Desert Online has updated its Life Skills feature, transitioning from character-based to family-based levels. This change enables all characters within a player’s Family to share the benefits and effects of Life Skills, which previously required independent development for each character.

The update includes popular skills such as Sprint, Forest Rush, and BreezySail, which are now accessible to all characters within a Family. This integration method accumulates the experience (EXP) from each character’s Life Skills, rather than merely adopting the highest level present within the Family. This adjustment generally results in higher Life Skill levels for players.

For players who have achieved the maximum Life Skill level of Guru 50, the update expands the Guru level to accommodate more EXP. This expansion is designed to preserve the efforts of high-level players under the new system. Although additional effects or benefits have not been introduced with this expansion, the developers plan to roll out honor-based rewards to recognize these players’ achievements.

The development team introduced this system to allow players to immediately benefit from unified Life Skills across their Family characters. Details regarding the upcoming honor-based rewards will be disclosed once available.

This new system is intended to streamline gameplay, making it more convenient for all players, especially those new to Life Skills, by providing access to shared advancements and benefits.

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