End of an Era: ArcheAge Announces Server Shutdown 1

End of an Era: ArcheAge Announces Server Shutdown

In a not-so-unexpected turn of events for the MMORPG community, the ArcheAge Team has officially declared that they will be closing their servers on June 27, 2024. This decision, shared with fans in a notice on April 25, marks the end of a significant chapter for one of the most loved and hated sandbox MMOs in the last decade.

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The news comes as XLGames and Kakao prepares for ArcheAge 2 to enter beta sometime later this year, with a full release of the sequel slated for 2025 or beyond.

The closure comes after thorough discussions with XL Games, the developers behind ArcheAge, concerning the game’s declining performance and decreasing player base. The team stated, “After discussing the performance of ArcheAge with XL Games at length, we have concluded that we’re no longer able to provide the MMORPG we envisioned.” They highlighted that the diminishing number of active players has significantly altered the game’s dynamic, rendering the original content less accessible and deviating from its initial design.

Despite the gloomy news, the ArcheAge Team invites players to join them for one last adventure in the game’s final months. The servers will remain active until 08:00 UTC on June 27, allowing players to revisit and explore Nuia and Haranya one last time.

In addition to keeping the game accessible until the slated shutdown date, customer support will be available through September 27 to address any player concerns and inquiries.

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