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Signups Open for Upcoming MMO “Abyss” Playtesting on Steam

Signups Open for Upcoming MMO “Abyss” Playtesting on Steam

The team behind Abyss Online has announced the opening of playtest signups, inviting players to join the Steam playtesting phase. This step represents a transition from a private client phase to a broader testing environment, offering a wider audience the opportunity to explore the game’s rich world.

To facilitate this transition, there will be a scheduled downtime for the Abyss servers. This temporary pause is part of the preparation process for the upcoming playtesting phase, aiming to ensure a smooth experience for participants.

Players interested in participating in the playtests can now sign up on the game’s Steam page. The development team is looking for feedback to help shape the final stages of the game’s development. Securing a spot in the playtests allows players to contribute to the game’s development process.

A PvP tournament is scheduled for the next week, offering players a competitive event to showcase their skills. Additionally, the game’s community is invited to vote on the preferred schedule for playtests, allowing players to have a say in whether events are held during weekdays or weekends.

The playtesting phase will feature weekly events with exclusive cosmetic rewards available for participants. These rewards are designed to acknowledge players’ achievements and contributions during the playtesting phase.