OSRS Update Unleashes Ground Item Indicators, Loot Tracking & More 1

OSRS Update Unleashes Ground Item Indicators, Loot Tracking & More

This week, Old-School RuneScape players are in for a treat as Jagex introduces a highly anticipated update for the C++ Client. Packed with exciting features, the update aims to enhance the looting experience and provide valuable tools to keep track of acquired items. Let’s delve into the details of the latest additions.

Ground Item Indicators take center stage in this update, revolutionizing the way players identify items on the ground. Whether it’s scattered loot or newly obtained treasures, these indicators offer a convenient way to spot valuable items. Accessible through the sidebar, players can enable and customize the indicators to suit their preferences. By default, the indicators display the item’s name and Grand Exchange value, but players have the freedom to modify various settings.

OSRS Update Unleashes Ground Item Indicators, Loot Tracking & More 2

Players can now create up to five tiers of loot based on value and apply filters to exclude certain items from the indicator. Additionally, the highlight color can be personalized to further enhance the visual experience. Not only do these indicators make looting more visually appealing, but they also provide valuable information, such as distinguishing between the Grand Exchange and Alchemy value of each item. Players can even enable indicators to signal when an item is about to despawn or when it becomes visible to other players nearby. The feature aims to ensure players never miss out on precious loot while adventuring through Gielinor.

Accompanying the Ground Item Indicators is the Loot Tracker, a valuable tool that keeps a record of all the items obtained during gameplay. With a capacity to track up to 10 sources at a time, the Loot Tracker allows players to easily monitor their acquired loot. It also retains a memory of previously tracked items, ensuring players have a comprehensive overview of their past endeavors. Similar to the Ground Item Indicators, players can customize the loot tracking options through the menu, tailoring it to their specific needs. The Loot Tracker further enriches the looting experience in RuneScape, allowing players to keep a close eye on their progress and treasure troves.

OSRS Update Unleashes Ground Item Indicators, Loot Tracking & More 3

In addition to the aforementioned features, this update brings forth two noteworthy options. Firstly, a Master Volume slider has been introduced, empowering players to adjust the volume of all in-game sounds or mute them entirely, catering to individual preferences and accommodating external circumstances such as online meetings or streaming sessions. Secondly, players using the Steam version of the C++ Client can now enjoy improved visual quality through the inclusion of slick Anti-Aliasing features. These enhancements aim to deliver a smoother and more visually pleasing experience to players utilizing the Steam platform.

In parallel with the update, Jagex is keen to gather player feedback on Jagex Accounts, which recently entered its Open Beta phase. Players are encouraged to participate in a feedback survey to share their thoughts and experiences regarding the improved account security measures implemented by Jagex. This initiative reflects Jagex’s commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring player satisfaction.

Among the other changes introduced in this update, players will find adjustments to Combat Achievements, addressing an issue with Ghommal’s Hilt 1 in Barrows. To maintain the intended progression, players now require Ghommal’s Hilt 2 or higher for accessing the benefits related to Prayer Drain.

Furthermore, certain quality-of-life improvements have been implemented, including expanding Activity HiScores from a minimum Kill Count (KC) of 15 to a minimum KC of 10. The Observatory Assistant’s animation has also been fixed to prevent freezing, and a more convenient chat option has been added to restart the target minigame in the Ranging Guild. The Clue Helper has been updated to specify the correct type of Greenman’s Ale when a mature one is required, and Sigmund no longer disrupts cutscenes by wandering off.

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