Old School RuneScape Announces 2024 Roadmap at Winter Summit 1

Old School RuneScape Announces 2024 Roadmap at Winter Summit

Old School RuneScape’s Winter Summit, held over the weekend, presented the much-anticipated 2024 roadmap, showcasing a series of upcoming updates and expansions for the game.

The summit, streamed on Twitch, highlighted the introduction of Valamore, a new area expansion set to enhance the Old School RuneScape landscape. The first phase of Valamore, previewed in the 2023 Summer Summit, is scheduled to launch on March 20, 2024. This expansion includes the exploration of Civitas illa Fortis and the Avium Savannah. Players can anticipate engaging in new quests, experiencing the Fortis Colosseum, the Perilous Moons minigame, and exploring the Hunter Guild. The second phase, launching in the summer, will focus on the island of Aldarin and a mountain range north of Civitas illa Fortis.

Additionally, two well-known RuneScape quests, Defender of Varrock and While Guthix Sleeps, are being adapted for Old School RuneScape. These quests, integral to the Mahjarrat storyline and highly requested by the community, are set for release in Spring and Summer 2024, respectively.

PVP content is also receiving an update, with The Chaos Temple revamp aiming to provide an accessible entry point for lower-level players into the game’s PVP mode, scheduled for release in Spring 2024.

Significant improvements to the Old School RuneScape official client were also announced. An upcoming HD Mode will enhance the game’s visuals with dynamic lighting, sunlight effects, and fog, offering players the flexibility to switch between classic and HD graphics, including on mobile devices. Additionally, an Official Client Plugin API will enable players to use and create their own plugins, a first for both PC and mobile users.

The summit also outlined various other updates planned for 2024, including quality-of-life improvements, holiday updates, Deadman Apocalypse, and the introduction of Scurrius the Rat King. Furthermore, developers provided an update on the ongoing development of the Sailing skill, offering insights into its roadmap.

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