Server Issues Cause Delay in Global Closed Beta Launch of Wayfinder 1

Server Issues Cause Delay in Global Closed Beta Launch of Wayfinder

Wayfinder has faced unexpected server issues, causing a delay in its launch. The Wayfinder team sincerely apologizes to all the eager players who had rearranged their schedules and were looking forward to participating in the beta. The revised launch date for the Global Closed Beta is now set for May 24.

The decision to postpone the beta was made after a thorough evaluation of the situation. The team acknowledged the immense task of expanding the test from North America to a global scale. As they worked towards ensuring a seamless experience for players and gathering crucial data, they also had to simultaneously prepare the game for Early Access. This presented a significant challenge for the relatively small team working on a game of this magnitude.

During the final preparations, the team encountered significant connection and matchmaking issues. Faced with the choice of launching the beta with the possibility of disconnects and matchmaking errors or addressing these issues beforehand, the team opted to delay the launch. They are committed to delivering a stable and smooth experience for players while gathering accurate and usable data during the testing phase.

The Wayfinder team wants to emphasize that these tests and betas are not mere marketing events but genuine learning opportunities for them. This is why a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is in place. Once the game reaches a state where both gameplay and server stability are excellent, the NDA will be lifted, allowing players to share their experiences on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, and discuss the game with their friends.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the Global Closed Beta launch of Wayfinder.

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