Palia Gears Up for Upcoming Tech Tests 1

Palia Gears Up for Upcoming Tech Tests

Singularity 6, the gaming studio behind the much-anticipated cozy MMO Palia, has announced its plans for a series of short tech tests in the coming weeks. The tests aim to assess how the game’s services handle a large number of players being online simultaneously.

After a series of successful Alpha tests and a Weekend Playtest, the company is preparing to launch more extensive evaluations. The first of these is scheduled for May 25th, and will run for one day. While the exact number of testers invited is not disclosed, it promises to be a significant figure, as the test’s primary goal is to examine the game’s capacity to support numerous players concurrently.

Invites for the first test have already been sent out and will continue to be dispatched in waves throughout the week. Both new and returning testers are included in the invitation pool.

All of the upcoming tech tests will fall under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), similar to past tests. This policy is in place as Palia remains under development, and many features assessed during these tests may undergo changes before the official launch.

Singularity 6 assures those who missed out on this round of invites that more opportunities are on the horizon. The studio is continually learning from each test to shape Palia’s development and prepare it for the next round of evaluations.

Although there is no official release date for Palia yet, the team is dedicated to keeping their growing community updated on their progress through their website and social media platforms. Palia, described as a cozy, community simulation MMO set in a fantastical world, has attracted a lot of attention and excitement from gamers worldwide.

Those who haven’t signed up yet but are eager to be a part of future playtests can register on the game’s website.

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