Cozy Sim MMO Palia Opens for Closed Beta on August 2 1

Cozy Sim MMO Palia Opens for Closed Beta on August 2

Singularity 6 is inviting PC gamers to join the free-to-play cozy simulation MMO, Palia, for its closed beta launch on August 2, 2023. The game was recently showcased during the summer Nintendo Direct, offering players a glimpse into Palia’s wholesome, playful world.

Registration is now open at for those ready to embark on an adventure in a welcoming, tranquil environment. Closed Beta access will be rolled out to registered account holders starting August 2, leading up to the Open Beta release on August 10. Those who sign up early may also be eligible for a Stress Test slated for July 25. All account progress will be preserved through the Closed Beta, Open Beta, and into the full release.

Palia, a new IP from Singularity 6, marks a novel approach to the community sim multiplayer genre, combining community building, adventure, and relaxation in a world tailored for players to make their own. The game drew substantial attention during its alpha testing phase, with over 600,000 sign-ups, hinting at a high demand for its wholesome open-world experience. With its vivid graphics, customization options, rich lore, and captivating mystery, Palia offers an enticing prospect for MMO players.

Co-Founder and Game Director at Singularity 6, Aidan Karabaich, shared his excitement over the upcoming release. “We designed Palia to challenge genre conventions and bring people together in a cozy MMO where they can forge new friendships,” Karabaich said. “We view our Beta phase as the next step in a continuous journey to expand and improve the game alongside our players. We hope you’ll join us.”

Palia goes beyond traditional community sim mechanics like farming, crafting, and questing, by incorporating a meaningful storyline, as well as progression and social systems seen in MMO games. The game emphasizes community engagement and the development of meaningful in-game connections. In Palia, players will collaborate to hunt, fish, garden, forage, and more, as they uncover the secrets of Palia’s ever-evolving world.

Initial release of Palia will focus on North American and Western European regions, with other regions soon to follow. The game’s Closed Beta release will support English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German, with plans to include more languages in future updates.

On July 18 at 10 a.m. PT, Palia enthusiasts are encouraged to tune into a special Gameplay First Look livestream on Palia’s YouTube channel. More information about the game, including its referral system and rewards, is available at Palia’s website. Stay updated on all Palia news via their Discord server, YouTube and Twitch channels, and social media handles @playPalia on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Players can join the conversation using #playPalia.

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