Ravendawn Announces Expansion of Upcoming Update to Include New PvP and PvE Features 1

Ravendawn Announces Expansion of Upcoming Update to Include New PvP and PvE Features

The devs behind Ravendawn recently announced plans to expand the scope of their forthcoming PvP update to include not only new PvP systems but also additional PvE content. This expansion is designed to offer a more integrated and comprehensive gaming experience.

According to the developers, the decision to enhance the update was made to seamlessly integrate new PvP systems with endgame progression. This integration aims to introduce new progression opportunities, unique features, and enhanced player interactions.

Starting next week, the game’s developers will begin unveiling parts of the update every Tuesday, which has been informally named “Teaser Tuesdays” by the community. The initial previews will focus on endgame PvP enhancements such as Guild Wars, Forts & Strongholds, and the new Aether Rifts for intense 1v1 or 2v2 battles.

Aether Rifts, a notable addition, will be accessible via Aether Rift Scrolls obtained by defeating Aether Stones or from Supply Bags. These scrolls open portals to the Aether Rifts where players can engage in combat either solo or in pairs. The system offers high risks and rewards, with players facing the choice to secure their loot or venture deeper into more challenging Rifts.

The update will also include a major balance patch that aligns with the new PvP systems, improvements to the targeting system, and an overhauled aggro system that enhances the role of tanks. Additionally, new challenges such as epic World Bosses and group-focused Boss Battles are set to provide more frequent and substantial rewards.

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