"The Quinfall" Releases New Videos Highlighting Game World and History 1

“The Quinfall” Releases New Videos Highlighting Game World and History

Vawraek Technologies, the developers behind the upcoming MMORPG “The Quinfall,” recently unveiled two new videos aimed at providing prospective players with a richer understanding of the game’s setting and backstory.

The first video guides viewers through various urban environments within the game. The second video, explores the ancient history of the game’s universe. It tells the story of Aoenisar, a god-like figure who created the planet of Quinfall. The narrative covers the emergence of rift-invading creatures and the ensuing wars led by Treon, a god created by Aoenisar, whose victory shaped the early history of the planet. The video concludes with a setup for future conflicts following Treon’s death, hinting at the re-emergence of rifts and new challenges.

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