Best Paladin Transmog Weapons

11 Best Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons

Paladins are holy warriors of the light, and when the light just isn’t cutting it, you will also need a big weapon to swing at your enemies.

In this list, we have selected the best and coolest looking Retribution Paladin weapons so that you can choose the right one for your transmog set for your Ret paladin.

We have left out Ashbringer from the list as it’s boring.

Check out our Best Paladin Transmog Sets for some gear to go with your weapons.

The Classic Choice

So you like classic WoW but you turned soft and moved to retail, but still want to look good. You’re definitely gonna get the Judgement armor like all the other classic bois, and the perfect pairing is the Untamed Blade.

11 Best Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons 1

Simple But Sweet

You don’t want to look like Cloud from FF7 or some anime douchebag??? Well I guess you could pick a simpler looking weapon.

My personal favorites are the Battlefield Destroyer and Stonecutter Claymore. As a bonus, weapon enchantments look amazing on simpler weapons.

11 Best Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons 2

Voror, Gleaming Blade of the Stalwart

One of the more recent great looking paladin transmog 2-handers. This shows you are serious about this whole light business!

11 Best Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons 3

Fiery Flaming Blades of Fire

If you are a true MMO player, having played the best MMO of all time Everquest, you will know that real Paladins wield two handed swords that are on fire.

My favorite choice is Calamity’s Edge with options being Skyhold Claymore, Zoid’s Firelit Greatsword and Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion.

Throw a Blood Draining or Fiery Enchant on there and you are good to smite.

If you decide to go with the Fiery paladin look, you can also get one of the best looking transmog sets to go with your flaming blade, the Battleplate of Immolation set.

11 Best Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons 4

Paladins Don’t Use Axes, Do They?

Axes aren’t usually the weapons of choice for paladins but you can still make it work. The Steelforged Greataxe can look great and very paladiny, perhaps on a Tauren like below or on a Blood Elf.

11 Best Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons 5

Abaddon / Aersir’s Edge / Voldrethar / Stormrune Edge

These all look the same but with different color variations so they look great with different sets. From Ulduar.

Best Alliance Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons

7th Legionaire’s Greathammer

We get it, you love the alliance and you want to show it off, with a wannabe Arthas Menethil and his Light’s Vengeance look.

11 Best Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons 8

Several variant’s of this look is obtainable in game, and should be pretty easy to get a hold off.

Other weapon types with the same look is also available like the 7th Legionnaire’s Skullcleaver, Longsword, Warhammer or Claymore.

Hammer of the Naaru

As we’ve stated before, Draenei loves sparkly colored crystals and stuff like that. It is easily obtainable in Gruul’s Lair, but can take some time if you are unlucky.

It also has some some cool lore to go with it.

11 Best Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons 9

Gilded Warhammer

As a dwarf retribution Paladin, you will need a hammer so that you can smash the light into your enemies, and the Gilded Warhammer is the perfect choice.

It is obtained from the Paladin Order Hall.

11 Best Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons 10

Best Horde Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons

Twinblade of the Phoenix

A classic Blood Elf Paladin transmog look from The Burning Crusade will be complete with the Twinblade of the Phoenix.

Obtained from Kael’thas Sunstrider in The Eye.

11 Best Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons 11

Spear of the Hunt

Ok so this is technically an Alliance weapon but it looks the best on a Blood Elf if you ask me. It’s a simple transmog to get though, just make a class trial character and you will automatically get the Hour of Reckoning quest that you turn in to Mathias Shaw in Stormwind for the Spear of the Hunt.

Getting some real warhammer High Elf vibes from this transmog.

11 Best Retribution Paladin Transmog Weapons 12

That’s it for the list of the best retribution Paladin transmog weapons. Let us know what your favorite Paladin transmog weapons are in the comments below!

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  1. blood ef paladin without queldelar might of the fallen? its literally an elven weapon of the light. hands down best belf weapon possible and the glowing gem makes enchants looks better

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