Rise of the Fallen's February Producer's Letter Highlights Progress and Upcoming Features 1

Rise of the Fallen’s February Producer’s Letter Highlights Progress and Upcoming Features

The February Producer’s Letter from the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen development team has provided an overview of recent progress and outlined what players can expect in the near future. The game’s first season, “Into the Pass,” was launched on February 17th for VIP pledges, and the team has since addressed initial feedback with several hotfix patches.

The update details plans to extend access to the game: Champion pledges will be able to join on March 16th, and all pledge levels will gain access on March 23rd. This phased approach aims to gradually introduce more players to Avendyr’s Pass.

The development of a new area, Mad Run, is nearing completion, with NPCs and level adjustments being finalized for the upcoming release of Chapter 1, Season 2: The Mouth of Madness on March 30th. Further information about this update is expected to be shared in the coming weeks.

The team is also focusing on improving the game’s lighting to a more natural scheme, expected to be completed soon. New plate armor sets are in development, with implementation pending final adjustments to character proportions and textures.

An audio update for Avendyr’s Pass aims to enhance the game’s immersion through subtle sound cues. Meanwhile, the programming team has prioritized stability, with a shift towards adding new features and systems planned for the future.

The pet system is advancing to its second phase, with the introduction of the summoner class anticipated soon. The Pulse engine, responsible for player and NPC interactions, is being optimized, promising enriched lore and interactions.

Combat is being refined, with a focus on the resist system, melee, and weapon techniques. Visual effects for wizard combat are complete, and enhancements for other classes are underway. Improvements to player combat animations are also expected to enhance the gameplay experience.

The team is preparing for biome development and NPC population in Hanggore, with a new section for patch notes being added to the Pantheon launcher, facilitating access to the latest game updates.

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