RuneScape This Week: Hitlist Returns, Necromancy Embargo Lifted 1

RuneScape This Week: Hitlist Returns, Necromancy Embargo Lifted

In the latest weekly update, RuneScape, the long-standing MMORPG, has reintroduced the Community Hitlist and lifted the Necromancy embargo, signaling significant changes in gameplay and user engagement.

Revival of the Community Hitlist

The Community Hitlist, a popular feature where players suggest game improvements, has made a comeback. RuneScape developers have been sorting through player feedback for this year’s edition. The current update includes several Quality of Life enhancements that were pending from the previous year.

Key updates involve optimization of Fire Spirits, updates to the Player Owned Farm, and graphical improvements for various animals. Notable changes include the ability for Herb and Gem bags to store noted items and a new feature allowing players to move the central information box. Adjustments have also been made to deathtouched darts, increasing their applicability to more bosses, and updates to the fletching bench in the Fort’s workroom have been implemented.

Combat Beta Enters New Phase

Starting January 25th, RuneScape will release a new beta patch for its ongoing combat beta. This update is part of the game’s efforts to refine combat changes before they are integrated into the main game. The beta phase is open to players across different skill levels, encouraging a wide range of feedback.

Lifting of the Necromancy Embargo

A notable change in this week’s update is the lifting of the Necromancy experience embargo. Players can now use experience-boosting items like Lamps and Stars in the Necromancy skill. This adjustment is expected to facilitate player progression in mastering this combat style.

Merchandise Update: Dragon-Themed Plushies

RuneScape’s collaboration with Makeship continues, with the introduction of a new line of Dragon-themed plushies. These items are available for pre-order, adding to the range of RuneScape-themed merchandise.

Treasure Hunter Event Schedule

The Treasure Hunter calendar features new events, including “Genie’s Wishes” starting January 23rd and “Soul Showdown” beginning January 25th. These events involve engaging gameplay mechanics and offer unique rewards.

Changes in Oddment System

The game update also brings modifications to the Oddment system. The daily purchase limit for Oddment Keys has been increased, and there are adjustments to the base Oddments awarded per key rarity.

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