RuneScape Development Update Reveals Necromancy Release Date and More! 1

RuneScape Development Update Reveals Necromancy Release Date and More!

In a recent development update from the RuneScape team, exciting news has been revealed about the upcoming release of the much-anticipated Necromancy Skill. The Skill, which entered longevity testing last month, is currently in its final stages of development and is set to be released later this year.

The update reveals that on May 30th, players will finally be given their first-ever look at Necromancy. In a video debut on YouTube, the team will unveil the core pillars of the Skill’s experience and showcase some first-ever gameplay. The next day, a panel of developers will join a live chat on Twitch to answer some top questions from the reveal.

Alongside the Necromancy release, a new Season of content themed around Necromancy will also be launched. The RuneScape team is excited to build on the learnings of their previous Content Seasons to deliver even more Necromancy goodness beyond the release of the Skill.

In addition to Necromancy, the update also reveals exciting updates to the Fort Forinthry Season, including the introduction of a new Woodcutting training area and a new T80 Hatchet.

Moreover, the update announces the much-awaited change to enable Max Cash to go above the current limit of 2.14b. Following the Death Cost reductions earlier this year, the change is set to be released this May.

Furthermore, the update reveals that the RuneScape team is looking to improve how they incorporate players’ voices into development, both post-release and pre-release. This includes the FSOA & Animate Dead Balance Beta, where players can get hands-on with the revised proposed changes for themselves, and the Community Hitlist, where thousands of submissions were made, and the first Strike is currently taking shape.

Lastly, the update announces other upcoming events and updates, including Game Jam improvements, Double XP on May 19th – 29th, and the Beach in June. Additionally, the RuneScape team will be returning to regular streaming in the coming weeks, with Mod Doom leading the conversation and hosting deeper discussions on combat topics and the return of Q&As.

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