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RuneScape Devs Tackle Bots and Cheating

RuneScape Devs Tackle Bots and Cheating

The RuneScape team has released a comprehensive update concerning their ongoing efforts to combat bots and cheating within the game. This announcement comes amidst enhancements to Wilderness content and as players eagerly await the introduction of Undead Pirates, highlighting a broader issue that affects the entire community.

The developers addressed the persistent challenge of botting, emphasizing that the battle against bots is an “arms race” that requires continuous effort. Despite deploying a variety of strategies to detect and eliminate cheaters, new bots emerge as quickly as old ones are banned. In 2023, the game saw over 6.9 million accounts banned, with the first months of 2024 maintaining a pace of approximately 67,000 bans per week. These statistics underscore the scale of the issue and the dedication of the RuneScape team to addressing it.

A multifaceted strategy underpins the fight against bots, involving a dedicated Anti-Cheating Team (ACT), the use of bespoke tools, data analytics, manual investigations, and legal measures to tackle cheating sites. This approach reflects the complexity of combating botting and cheating in modern online games.

The RuneScape team also discussed the impact of botting on content development. They strive to create updates that are enjoyable for all players, without allowing bot activity to dictate the direction of game development. Despite challenges, the team remains committed to delivering meaningful content, particularly to parts of the community that have historically been underserved, such as PvP players.

Regarding the High Scores and the presence of suspected bot accounts, the developers acknowledged the difficulty in addressing this issue promptly. Efforts to improve the accuracy of High Scores are ongoing, with the aim of ensuring that rankings reflect the achievements of legitimate players.

The topic of false bans was also addressed, with the team providing reassurance about the accuracy of their banning process. The incidence of wrongful bans is reportedly low, with additional measures being implemented to further reduce these occurrences. The team highlighted their commitment to fairness and transparency, particularly in the appeals process, which is currently under review for potential improvements.