RuneScape Celebrates "Defender of Varrock" Quest Revival and 11th Anniversary of Old School RuneScape 1

RuneScape Celebrates “Defender of Varrock” Quest Revival and 11th Anniversary of Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has reintroduced the “Defender of Varrock” quest with updated features and a connection to the ongoing Mahjarrat storyline. Released on February 21, 2024, this update revisits Varrock, which is now enveloped in darkness and mystery, inviting players to uncover the truth behind a long-foretold prophecy.

To assist players in revisiting the storyline, OSRS collaborated with PoisonedPotion for a recap video, ensuring both returning players and newcomers are prepared for the quest’s challenges. This remake includes new NPCs, enemies, and updated mechanics, while maintaining the core essence of the original quest. Notably, the starting location has been moved to the Jolly Boar Inn, eliminating the need to travel through the Wilderness, a change aimed at enhancing player accessibility.

Marking OSRS’s 11th year, the game has updated its birthday decorations and offers players the opportunity to unlock previous Birthday Event rewards without hosting a specific in-game event this year. A Birthday Livestream is planned with OSRS Mods, featuring a variety of activities including a fashion show and quiz, alongside numerous giveaways.

The introduction of the Zombie Axe, a new weapon, follows community feedback. Positioned as an upgrade from Dragon weaponry, it requires 65 Attack to wield and offers a unique addition to the game’s arsenal. This weapon, obtainable post-quest, necessitates 70 Smithing to repair, adding an element of skill progression for players.

Enhancements to the Rune Pouch system have also been introduced, allowing for more efficient spell preparation. This update, stemming from recent Game Jam projects, simplifies rune management and supports diverse gameplay strategies.

Additional updates include a new feature in the client to highlight quest start points, making it easier for players to find and begin quests. The expansion of the Modern Music Area Mode enhances the game’s audio experience, with updated music transitions and area-specific tracks.

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