Star Trek Online Hosts R&D and Junior Officer Week and Upgrade Event 1

Star Trek Online Hosts R&D and Junior Officer Week and Upgrade Event

Star Trek Online players on PC can take advantage of the Upgrade Event running from May 2nd at 8am PT to May 9th at 12pm PT, where they can earn double the upgrade points to enhance their equipment. The event will make it easier for players to increase the Mark and Rarity of their gear, as each Tech Upgrade applied during the event will award twice the number of Technology Points.

The Upgrade Event offers Captains additional chances to upgrade their gear and achieve better performance. By doubling the amount of Technology Points earned from each Tech Upgrade, the event also reduces the amount of Dilithium needed to reach each upgrade threshold.

Meanwhile, on Xbox and PlayStation, the R&D and Junior Officer Week event will run from May 2nd at 8am PT to May 9th at 12pm PT, offering bonuses to Research & Development projects and Duty Officer Assignments. During the event, all R&D packs throughout the game will give out an extra 25% of the items they currently disperse, while queue R&D Material Reward Packages will reward 25% more R&D Materials and have a chance to reward a Catalyst.

Captains can also seek out Harvest Nodes located in mission maps throughout STO, which will disperse 2 extra R&D Materials each time they are used and will reward 10 Dilithium Ore and have a chance to give out a R&D Catalyst during the event. All R&D projects during the event will reward an extra 50% of the appropriate Research and Development School XP.

Additionally, players can earn Bonus Commendation XP by completing any Duty Officer assignments during the event. They will receive a 50% increase in all Commendation XP earned by the completion of Duty Officer assignments. Players can also receive a free special Purple quality duty officer with a unique active roster power by speaking with their duty officer contact.

Duty officer packs opened during the event will each have a free additional Green quality or better duty officer inside, and the Academy particle scanning events are now part of the Junior Officer Appreciation Event. Captains can visit Starfleet Academy or Klingon Academy during the event, pick a cadet to train, and engage in scanning particles all about the academy grounds to train the cadet and receive a new random Duty Officer.

Finally, Research and Development packs and bundles, as well as Duty Officer Packs, will be available at a 20% discount from May 4th at 8am PT to May 8th at 12pm PT on Xbox and PlayStation.

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