Star Trek Online's Terran Gambit Story Arc Comes to a Conclusion with Refractions 1

Star Trek Online’s Terran Gambit Story Arc Comes to a Conclusion with Refractions

The conclusion to the highly-anticipated Terran Gambit Story Arc is finally here in Star Trek Online. Players will be able to experience the epic conclusion in a new 5 Captain Ground Task Force Operation “Bird Cage,” where they must break into a maximum-security prison in the Mirror Universe to break out the mirror version of Beverly Crusher in hopes of stopping her son, Terran Emperor Crusher, from destroying the capitol of the Federation.

The story, which began with the release of “Reflections,” will come to a climax in “Refractions,” as Emperor Crusher and “The Other,” the mirror version of V’ger, make their way to Earth. Players will need to make a desperate attempt to stop them in the giant-sized episode “Fujiwhara Effect” as the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

In addition to the new content, players can also look forward to two new Patrols based on content from the previous release, “Ascension.” These patrols will fill in more details from the previous storyline, such as how Janeway’s Borg drones were cleared from Jupiter Station and what happened to the Khonshu while it was trapped in the mirror universe.

As is tradition, Star Trek Online is also celebrating its anniversary with the release of new content, this time marking its 13th year. Players can earn the brand new V’Ger tech-inspired T6 Compiler Science Dreadnought by playing the new content, along with some previous Terran Gambit content, and the Omega Stabilization Game. This alien ship can transform into electric probes that will chase after enemies.

Executive Producer Jarrod Fisher expresses excitement over the release of the new content, stating that “It’s always exciting to create the content but it’s more fun when it finally goes out to all of you.” He also mentions that the team has had the pleasure of working with Star Trek actors such as Kate Mulgrew, Wil Wheaton, and Gates McFadden in bringing the story to life.

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