Star Trek Online Introduces Season 31: "Both Worlds" 1

Star Trek Online Introduces Season 31: “Both Worlds”

Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios have announced the release of the 31st season of Star Trek Online, titled “Both Worlds,” now available on PC. The season is scheduled to launch on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on March 12, 2024. This release marks the continuation of the multiverse storyline from the previous season, introducing players to a new antagonist, the Borg King.

As Star Trek Online celebrates its 14th anniversary, the development team at Cryptic Studios has incorporated new content that references various series within the Star Trek franchise. This season’s update aims to blend nostalgia with new experiences for players.

The centerpiece of “Both Worlds” is a new episode called “Scorpion’s Abyss.” In this episode, players encounter the Borg King and navigate challenges in a Mirror Borg Unicomplex. The episode features appearances by Star Trek series actors, including Nicole de Boer as Ezri Dax, Garret Wang as Harry Kim, and Kipleigh Brown as Kuumaarke, reprising their roles from the respective television series.

Additional features of the new season include:

  • “Battle of Wolf 359,” a 5-player space Task Force Operation, allowing players to engage in a key battle from the Star Trek universe.
  • The “King and Collective” event, where players can participate in selected content to earn a new T6 ship.
  • An Elite Random Task Force Operations feature, providing an option for players to join randomized elite-level challenges for additional rewards.

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