Tencent's Sandbox MMORPG, Tarisland, to Launch on PC and Mobile in 2023 1

Tencent’s Sandbox MMORPG, Tarisland, to Launch on PC and Mobile in 2023

A Massive Fantasy World Awaits Players in Upcoming MMORPG, Tarisland

Prepare to immerse yourself in the realm of Tarisland, the new MMORPG from Tencent set to launch on PC and mobile platforms later this year.

The narrative of Tarisland originates from the birth of the universe, conceived by three primordial deities – Leith, Acheron, and Moira. Each deity is intrinsically tied to the genesis and termination of planets, though their values and perspectives differ. The creation of life on the planet Taris ignites the Triangular Conflict, a significant threat that may lead to the downfall of Taris if not halted.

Players begin their journey against this compelling backdrop. The massive game world of Tarisland, ripe for exploration, hosts a variety of biomes, environments, and civilizations, each steeped in unique cultures. Players can delve into the diverse world of Taris through 10 distinct game modes that offer new quests and avenues of exploration.

YangMin, the producer of Tarisland, commented, “Tarisland is a labor of love that our team has dedicated the past three years to. For some, this is a dream nearly a decade in the making, and we are thrilled to finally share it with players.” He further emphasized the team’s commitment to refining the core MMO experience and meticulous attention to detail.

The game boasts nine fully customizable classes, offering players the freedom to mold their characters according to their preferences and playstyles. Additional customization options include gear sets, free allocation of attribute points, and a vast selection of costume sets and mounts.

The game progression is based on a seasonal system, introducing new PvE content and PvP challenges.

Tarisland says it’s committed to fostering a fair gaming environment. It eschews pay-to-win mechanics, instead favoring a real economic system, with attribute-enhancing items only available through trade, and in-game resources directly exchanged between players. Whether or not this is true, remains to be seen.

Cross-progression and cross-play are enabled across mobile and PC versions, with a customizable interface offered in the PC version. Tarisland is set to open its gates to this new fantasy world later this year.

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