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Tarisland Shares New Update – Promises No Pay-to-Win Features

Tarisland Shares New Update – Promises No Pay-to-Win Features

China’s tech giant Tencent has just released an update on the English site for their upcoming MMO, Tarisland, amid mounting criticism and skepticism over its resemblance to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft (WoW).

The developers are keen to stress that Tarisland is a non-P2W game. They claim there will be “no attribute-enhancing items sold”, asserting that the game aims to ensure a fair and balanced gaming experience. However, given Tencent’s track record with in-game microtransactions, some might find this claim hard to swallow.

The seasonal system is another touted feature. Each season promises new PvE content, gameplay balances, and PvP challenges. Almost every MMO has this in some form or another, often to create a smokescreen for a system where players can shell out for season passes and end up with a distinct advantage.

Tarisland also boasts of a free trading system, as it promises to create an economy that closely resembles a real market.

Lastly, the developers are pushing the cross-platform nature of Tarisland as a unique selling point, which likely will open the door for some type of auto-play feature, as these are often seen in Eastern MMOs.

Despite this latest update, skepticism remains high. It’s clear that Tarisland has its work cut out for it if it wishes to win over a Western audience wary of Tencent’s reputation for monetizing games. If Tarisland truly wants to stand out, it needs to prove that its gameplay, story, and mechanics are more than just a thinly veiled replication of WoW.